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Who I Am

I am Lois Weber, Reiki Master, Certified Energy Coach and Tapas Acupressure Technique Pro. 

I am a dedicated healing assistant and practitioner with 25+ years in massage therapy, 15 years of energy therapy experiences, and a lifelong interest in health and healing. My own challenge with physical symptoms many years ago was one of my best teachers for seeing and experiencing the power of the body and mind to heal! 

I am seeker of that which inspires, informs, and brings comfort to body, mind, heart and soul. I am interested in how nature heals and how each healing journey taken makes the world a bit more gentle and whole. I am interested in the human need for beauty and all that we would perceive as Light and Love. I am interested in how making time for quiet, play, music, touch, movement and nutritious food add to well being and strength. I am interested in how people find meaningful connections and in how we choose to unplug, retreat, and nourish ourselves for our ongoing commitments! 

I support the healing journey by being fully present to the client and providing appropriate healing techniques. It is my privilege to tailor a plan that meets you right where you are now. Relief and lightness along with relaxation are common responses to techniques that work with the body and its innate wisdom and capacity for healing. 


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