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Reiki Healing Energy

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is easy to learn and can be used by anyone.  It is a profound yet simple approach to natural healing.  Reiki is spiritually guided life energy and assists with deep relaxation and balance for the physical body.  Reiki is one approach to stress reduction and self-healing. Those attuned to the Reiki energy are able to assist others with their needs for healing.  Reiki can lead one gently to a deeper personal awareness of the ongoing healing journey.  Some say being in the Reiki energy is simply experiencing grace. 

"Reiki is SUPER MEDICINE!"  Miranda F. (age 7) 


The Reiki energy is introduced from Reiki Master to student by a process called an attunement.  A Reiki Master is someone who has taken all levels of Reiki training and has made a commitment to using and introducing others to Reiki healing energy.  Classes are relaxed and conversational.  Time is spent sharing about the healing journey, history and uses of Reiki, receiving attunements to the Reiki energy and practicing using the Reiki energy.  Most students view Reiki training as a sacred learning and healing time.  

Individual and small group classes in Reiki are available from Lois. Learning Reiki for self care and use on others has given many a useful tool for the ongoing healing journey! 


Receiving a personal Reiki session is a good way to be introduced to the Reiki energy.  The person simply lies on a comfortable massage table, fully clothed, and receives the gentle healing energy through the light touch of the Reiki practitioner's hands.  Most people experience pleasant physical relaxation and a quieting of the mind.  Some people report feeling more centered or a heightened awareness of the way energy is moving within them.  Many report a lightness of being and sense of having returnedto wholeness. 


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